WEURO 2022

Jubel mod Rusland


Media requests and commercial inquiries: Media Manager Mia Kjærgaard, miak@dbu.dk, +45 2617 2816. 

Social Media and digital inquiries: Press officer and Social Media Manager Alexander Paaske, alpa@dbu.dk, +45 4273 4400

For general questions regarding practical team information: Team Manager Henriette Jensen, heje@dbu.dk, +45 5144 9212 

Training Camp

20th - 27th of June: Helsingør (Elsinore) 45 kilometers north of Copenhagen. 

28th - 29th of June: Viborg

From 4th of July: Richmond, London

Team Hotel

Pre-camp: Hotel Marienlyst, Helsingør.

Group stages: Richmond Hill, London (transit hotel in Milkon Keynes for match #2)


All WEURO22 accreditations are managed by UEFA. The deadline for application is 2nd of May.

In order to access the Danish training camp a valid WEURO22 accreditation is a requirement.

A limited amount of day passes with access to the training and media center can be issued mainly to Danish media.

Press activities 

Pre-camp: Media activities to take place in hotel and/or on the training ground in Helsingør Stadionbane, Ndr. Strandvej 14. Working positions will be availble at the training ground. 

WEURO: Media activities to take place at Kingsmeadow. Schedule here

The media center offers working stations with the necessary power supply and wi-fi. 

All media activities (except MD-1 and MD) will take place here.

List of press activities for the WEURO22

At our mixed zones 4-5 players and a staff member will usually be available for 20 minutes divided in four zones (UEFA, Right holders, Non Right Holders & Written Press)

Match status
Matches Group stage: Germany, Finland and Spain
Teams A National Teams
Match status WEURO2022
Date 8th, 12th & 16th of June
Venue Brentford Community Stadium & Stadium MK, Milton Keynes
Press activities
Staff & Contacts