Michael Laudrup supports 'Football for the Heart'

FFH - Laudrup

Football legend Michael Laudrup is participating in a new, strong video to launch 'Football for the Heart' - Danish Football Association, Danish Heart Association and University of Southern Denmark's new initiative, which aims to get Danes with cardiovascular diseases to play recreational football. 

Michael Laudrup puts the ball at his feet and gets ready for a pass. However, he will not play the ball to a teammate from the former national team - it is an unknown Dane named Niels who is getting ready to score. 

Niels has heart problems, and it is precisely people like him that the football legend would like to help getting good experiences on the pitch. Furthermore, Laudrup plays football with Niels and other men to create the campaign video to launch 'Football for the Heart' in Denmark. 

Michael Laudrup is ambassador for the Heart Association Denmark and therefore, he supports 'Football for the Heart', he says: 

“I support 'Football for the Heart' because cardiovascular diseases can affect everyone and because I want to draw attention to what you can do about it. Exercise and team sports are a great place to start, and here football can provide a positive community and bring people together," says the national team legend, who played 104 matches in red and white and scored 37 times. 

Recreational football provides better health 
'Football for the Heart' - and the film - is founded on the fact that almost half a million Danes live with cardiovascular diseases.  Here football can make a positive contribution, both in the prevention and treatment of illnesses. 

Danish research shows that recreational football can have a wide range of beneficial effects on players' health, for example on aerobic fitness, blood pressure and muscle strength. Football can both improve the quality of life at this moment and be a good, preventative investment in cardiovascular patients' health in the future. 

Aabenraa, Copenhagen, Skive and Herlev are the first municipalities to start 'Football for the Heart,  
In 2020, more municipalities and football clubs will follow.  

About 'Football for the Heart' 

  • 'Football for the Heart' derives from the so-called 'Football Fitness' concept, which is recreational football with varied exercises and small-sided drills for beginners as well as experienced players. 
  • ‘Football for the Heart’s goal is that 800 Danes with cardiovascular disease will play football and 10 municipalities and 30 football clubs will participate in the project within three years 
  • 'Football for the Heart' is financially supported by TrygFonden. 
  • Read more at www.dbu.dk/fodboldforhjertet