According to FIFA Football Agent Regulations all persons who wish to provide football agent services by 1 October 2023 must be licensed by FIFA.

FIFA Football Agent Regulations is implemented by DBU at Circular no. 125 DBU regulations govering football agents:

Circular no. 125 (


FIFA football agent licence

To obtain a FIFA football agent licence you must:

  • Submit a complete application via FIFA Agent Platform: FIFA Agent Platform 
  • Comply with the eligibility requirements, cf. Article 5 of the FIFA Football Agent Regulations.
  • Successfully pass the FIFA Football Agent Exam.
  • Pay an annual fee to FIFA.

Please be aware to type the correct number of idenfication document at the FIFA Agent Platform. This can be your drivers licens number, passport number etc. and not your personal idenfication number (e.g. Danish cpr.-number). The idenfication document used to apply for participation at the FIFA Football Agent Exam must be shown at the exam.


Next FIFA Football Agent Exam is expected to be held May 2024. The exam is held at DBU Allé 1, 2605 Brøndby.

FIFA Agent Platform will be open 1 January 2024 for application for that FIFA Football Agent Exam.

Deadline for application will be 31 March 2024.

You must register and apply at FIFA Agent Platform: FIFA Agent Platform

Further information regarding this FIFA Football Agent Exam will posted here: Agents Department (


FIFA Football Agent Regulations

You can read more about the FIFA Football Agent Regulations here:

FIFA Football Agent Regulations

Enclosure 1

Enclosure 2

- See enclosure 2 for FIFA timeline (deadlines)


Exam rules and study material

There is information regarding the exam rules and the study material here:

Exam rules

Study material

Please read the exam rules before attending the exam. E.g. you cannot bring you own notes at the exam!

DBU advise you to bring a hard copy of the study material.



FIFA has this FAQ:




FIFA online conference

FIFA hosted an online conference Tuesday 4 April 2023, 1400-1900 (CET) regarding the new FIFA Football Agent Regulations.

Link to the recorded conference: FIFA to organise open online conference on Football Agent Regulations