General information

If you wish to perform football agent services on behalf of a player/coach and/or a club affiliated with DBU, including negotiation and conclusion of a player/coach contract, transfer agreement and loan agreement, you must apply with DBU regulations govering football agents:

Circular 125 – DBU Regulations Governing Football Agents


To perform football agent services under the territory and jurisdiction of DBU, it is a requirement to

1) hold a FIFA-license

2) register as a football agent and

3) have agreed-upon a DBU-representation agreement with the club or/and player.

The DBU standard representation agreements must be registered and generated via the football agent's profile at DBU's national football agent platform. 

Only DBU-registered football agents can register and generate the required representation agreement. A guide on how to register a representation agreement can be found here.


For additional guidance on Circular 125 – DBU Regulations Governing Football Agents see also DBU Q&A, FIFA Football Agent Regulations and FIFA Q&A 

If you have questions regarding registration as a football agent at DBU or other football agent related questions, you are welcome to contact